Saturday, April 24, 2010

Stanley Cup Playoffs - Caps vs Habs Game 5

So... I was a little shocked on Friday. I was shocked at how lackluster and unmotivated the Caps started Game 5. I was shocked at how similar Game 5 looked like Game 1. And I don't really have an explanation for it.

For the Caps to come out and let Montreal dominate them in the first 10 minutes and score twice... It was unreal. And yet when Ovechkin scored I thought that was going to be enough to propel the Caps onto victory. But it didn't.

I can't say anything more then I already have. The Caps need to be better on both the fore and back checking. They need to crash the net and get rebounds for goals. Too many times were there rebounds of slap shots and if there was a player at the net it was an open net for an easy goal. And it seems pointless to bring up the defense.

Semin did have a good game for the first time in the playoffs on Friday night. He took good shots, had some great defensive plays, and even though he didn't score he looked good. It was a promising sign.

Not a promising sign is Mike Green. I said it after Game 4 and I'll say it again, something is seriously wrong with Mike Green.

I don't know what to expect Monday night. I'm sure we'll see Varly in goal because he's played well and you can't put Game 5 on his shoulders. Yes he took a dumb late penalty but he's been solid in net and his record at Bell Centre is great. So he'll be in goal. And I honestly expect the Caps to play better. Boudreau is a good coach and this team ran through the regular season with a purpose. I thought after seeing Pittsburgh lose Game 5 would give the Caps just enough motivation to go out and make sure they closed out their series but they didn't. Even if they lose Game 6, they'll play a lot better. There's no chance this team is held to 1 goal in back to back games.

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