Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Supersize Me

This post has nothing to with McDonalds or being fat.

I'm talking about the soon to be new Starbucks Trenta. I for one am excited about this. Why am excited about this much coffee? Because it's for the iced drinks and the iced drinks are half ice anyway.

I love the iced chai at Starbucks. It's amazing. Seriosuly, if you haven't had one go get one when it warms up. Killer stuff. But my beef is the ice to drink ratio sucks. I always get a Venti because any other size is not worth it. There's just too much damn ice in the drink.

Now of course I will be paying more for a drink that again will probably be half ice but there will be more chai and that's awesome. And that is why the Trenta is exciting to me.

Side note:

If anyone can drink 2 Trenta Frappucinos in a half hour without vomitting, I will give them $50. Let's set this up!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Sunday

So the Super Bowl has come and gone. Congrats to the Packers on making sure no one had to listen to their Steeler friends talk about how their team is the greatest. You made the world a better place.

The most important sporting event on Super Sunday was of course the Washington Capitals shutting out the Pittsburgh Penguins (rough day Steel Town). I missed the first period listened to the second on the radio, and got to watch the third and celebrate another Caps win.

My Super Bowl review is simple.

The national anthem was sad. Christina botched the lyrics and sounded like she's been smoking a pack a day.

The game was actually alright but I couldn't really get into it. I was excited when the Packers scored and indifferent to any success the Steelers had.

The commercials were mostly awful. Ok, not awful but boring. The VW Darth Vader kid commercial was funny but everything else was pretty forgetable.

The halftime show was bad for humankind. In 15 minutes the Black Eyed Peas made everyone person in America hate them. Dear NFl, If you have season next year, Mettalica is your halftime show.

I persoanlly let my inner fat kid go and ate a lot of food, most of which isn't good for me but I love pizza, nachos, and ice cream.

I think that's it.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Food Review - Pizza Hut's Big Dipper

I'm going to throw some food knowledge at you. Although I am skinny and most people thing I could stand to eat more, I do eat a lot. I love food. So why not put my food eating to use and help some people avoid making mistakes.

So Pizza Hut is offering the Big Dipper, 24 dipping slices of pizza. It's huge. You party all night with one...

Wrong! Let's start with the obvious, it's not pizza. It's really a cheese breadstick with pepperoni. The sauce is why they're dippers and not pizza. So fail right from the start. I take a huge bite and am instantly mad that this "pizza" has no sauce.

So let's get to sauce. It's pretty good. I mean, the marinara sauce at Pizza Hut is probably the best item they offer. So it's good. But the breadstick to sauce ratio is hard to get right. I either always had too much or too little. While I like the sauce, my attempts to have the big dipper taste like pizza was all in vain.

While at least there was a lot right? Yeah....No. Split between 4 of us, we each had 6 slices and each was hungry for more when we were done. The big dipper didn't offer the all night party lasting pizza as they promise on the commercial.

My advice, don't order this crap.