Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Have Mercy

A couple of months back I got this tattoo. It had been an idea of mine for a couple years and I was stoked to finally make this a piece of my arm.

People always talk about being anchored as something to be aware of. Like making sure we're anchored to the right thing. And I get it. "Are you anchored to the word of God?" "Make sure you're anchored to Jesus and not the world."

That's nice but I like the house metaphor better than the sailing metaphor. Christ as your foundation I can get behind. Being anchored to Christ I can also get behind but that's not where my tattoo comes from.

Anchors keep boats in place. But the point of a boat is to go sailing. It's a vehicle for movement and living. Yes there are times when we need to be anchored and not moving but there are times when we need to be moving and taking steps of faith.

The anchor on my arm represents sin, doubt, fear, and anything prevents me from moving forward and becoming who God wants me to be. It's a reminder to not let fear, doubt, and sin cripple my life. It's a reminder that I need God's grace and mercy every single day. Fear, doubt, and sin are going to happen every day. But they can't become anchors that keep me from moving forward and trusting God. His grace and mercy are enough to carry me through the storms and tough times.