Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Child Like Faith Reinvented

Child like faith... I had a thought that maybe we've hijacked this term and watered it down. I just wonder if we've taken out part of what it means to be a child.

Sometimes when I want to be annoying (that happens), I will just ask my wife, or mom, or... well pretty much anyone, why. Over and over and over again. Why? Why? Why? No matter what the answer is, my response will be the question why.

Kids ask more than why obviously, but kids ask a lot of questions. And I just can't help but feel like having faith like a child means more than just believing that's it' true because someone older and wiser than us told us and believing even though we can't see it. Shouldn't it mean that we're always asking why? Should it mean that we're always asking questions, continuing to try and learn more and more about God and his character and what his word really means? Shouldn't child like faith mean always believing and forever asking questions to learn more?

I think the disciples had this. Sure, Jesus would get on their case from time to time for not understanding (because eventually your questions should move to knowledge and get you asking new questions) but he was always wiling to answer their questions for an explanation of his parables. And I'm sure Jesus would get annoyed for having to answer every time the disciples "what does that mean".

Questions are ok. Questioning is essential. Because we can't grow and learn if we aren't asking questions.