Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Adventure Is Out There

When God says his ways and thoughts are higher than our's, he means it. And sometimes we see how clearly we don't understand God or His ways.

Behind the scenes we've been praying for me to have a job that was lucrative enough for Amanda to leave her job and stay home with Emily, so Amanda could stay home and raise our daughter and follow through with some of her other dreams and passions. She had supported my craziness for long enough and I wanted her to be able to have the desires of her heart and be a stay at home mom. We both did.

But that didn't happen before Amanda had to go back to work. It just so happened that were fasting along with our church the week she went back to work. Perfect. 10 days to seek God and figure out what we were to do next and hope that Amanda's time back at work wouldn't last very long.

But God... God had other plans. And much like being falsely sentenced and imprisoned before getting to the promises of God, God's answer didn't really make much sense to us.

On Amanda's second day back, she was asked to be a part of a project that would have us leave the DC Metro area. Not what we'd been praying for. And honestly, it wasn't really something I thought could be an option. We didn't want Amanda to commit to working.What would moving mean for my job situation? How is this possibly what God wants for us?

You could say one of our family values is "adventure is out there." So it seems like we would have jumped at the chance to take a new adventure. And I think Amanda did,  but I wasn't so sure. But after much prayer and lots of conversations, we decided that this wasn't a distraction keeping us from something else God wanted us to do. Actually, it was exactly what he was calling us to. It was something that Amanda became excited about pursuing. While we're still reconciling what all of this means for our family, we're looking forward to walking out this commitment.

So Amanda, Emily, and I are moving to Philadelphia, Pa!

Eventually, in theory, we'll be back in DC when Amanda's involvement with this project is done. But for this season, we are leaving DC and heading northward.

I don't understand what God is doing, because this isn't the answer for prayer I was expecting. Not even a little close. But I'm embracing this next step in our family!

We want to hang out and see and enjoy as many of our DC friends and family as much as possible before we roll out. So please, hang out with us!