Thursday, October 9, 2014

A New Perspective

Finally getting around to a month's worth of blogging....

On September 8th 2014 Emily Grace Patton entered the world.

This isn't a post about how amazing being a father is or how perfect and beautiful our daughter is, because...

The pictures tells you how awesome and adorable she is!

This post is about my wife!
Besides from being drop dead gorgeous and an all around amazing person, my wife is super. Like she's a super hero. That's really the only way to describe Amanda after having watched her give birth. She's a super hero!

I have never felt more worthless and useless in my entire life than watching my poor wife, in pain that I will never understand, with very little I could do to help ease it for her, and knowing that I am responsible for why she is in pain. Anyone who thinks women are in some way lesser than men, has never witnessed a woman giving birth.

I loved Amanda before Emily was born. A lot! And I still do! But my respect level is through the roof for what she did (and will probably do again some day). Amanda is amazing! And I am so thankful for her!