Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Birds and Cages

So this blog has become my own personal hockey column as of late and it will probably continue to be for some time. But maybe it's time for something a little different.

Life never works the way the expect and dealing with that can be tough. And honestly, I don't deal with that well. Vince Anderson at Revolution NYC talked about mourning our dreams and that struck a chord with me. Sometimes we need to let dreams die and sometimes we need to let go of dead dreams so we can grab hold of new dreams. Sometimes we just need to dream.

I guess my biggest thing right now is not being one of Job's friends. They were so convinced that Job has sinned and done something wrong ad God was punishing him for his sin despite Job's claims of innocence. I think it's easy for me to wonder if things aren't happening in my life because of sin and if I would only get things straight then God will open the floodgates. And so I rack myself with guilt trying to figure out how I failed God.

But I don't think God wants me to become one of Job's friends. Because I'm unproductive when I spend all my time in guilt and not spending my time praising God and living for him. Repentance is great and God wants us to repent but I become pretty useless to his purpose when I'm miserable and spending all my time beating myself up.

The truth is I'm selfish and my outlook needs to be refocused. God is good and it's really about what God has done for me.

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