Friday, September 11, 2009

Be Somebody

I'm back. Not blogging for over a month was good... I think what is to be taken from my fast will be seen more post fast and things are happening. But that's not the point really.

And the reason for coming back to the blog world now is very simple, a church sign read while driving into work this morning. I've been known to throw ire towards churches with poor taste in weekly slogan or inspirational words. And it read...

Don't try to be someone, be someone of value.

Instantly the switch was flipped and I was angered. Because I understand the point and even the reasoning behind the words on the front of this church but... you can't put a statement out on your church for the entire passing public to see.

If God knew each of us in our mothers womb and we were created in his image and he loves us all, no matter what, then aren't we all a person of value? The idea of being someone with no value is very disheartening to me. There are people who already feel they have no value and are worthless and feel like their life is a mistake. I can understand the idea of being someone of value within the church and for the kingdom of God... but when I read that sign as I'm driving to work at 6:15 in the morning, it upsets me.