Friday, April 30, 2010

How The East Fell

So the top three seeds in the Eastern Conference lost. The Capitals being taken down by the Canadiens took everyone by surprise. After 3-1 series lead, the best team in the NHL losing three straight games and being held to 1 goal per game in all three was unthinkable. The Flyers got into the playoffs by the last day of the regular season and the chances of them beating New Jersey and Brodeur didn't seem likely. Boston defeating Buffalo is less of a stretch. When Vanek went out for the Sabres, we knew scoring for them was going to be a challenge.

Pittsburgh vs Montreal:

Game 1 of this series will be interesting to watch. Pittsburgh had time to rest up while Montreal is coming off a hard fought 7 game series. Does Montreal have anything left to give? Can they shut down the Penguins like they did the Capitals? I like the Pens to win this series but in how many games I'm not sure. Probably a 6 game series.

Philadelphia vs Boston

This is probably the most interesting matchup of the playoffs. No one really expected to see the Flyers and Bruins playing each other. Both teams have a similar make up and both are going with young net minders. I'm giving the edge to Boston. This will be a tough 7 game series but in the end I see Boston coming out the winner.

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