Monday, April 19, 2010

Stanley Cup Playoffs - Caps vs Habs Game 3

Wow. Now that was the Caps team I'm used to seeing play. That's the team I've bee waiting for 2 games to see. The Caps took game three 5-1. They take the series lead 2-1 and more importantly, they made a statement.

The first period wasn't terrible for the Caps. They had some bad passes in the offensive zone, the penalty kill wasn't as solid as I thought it could've been and they were a lot of breakaway chances for the Canadiens.

Jose Theodore got the hook tonight and Varly was the goalie for the game and all I have to say is thank god. This was playoff Varly from last year and the saves he made in the first period were incredible and heart stopping at times. It was good to see Var so good again. He was lights out and the goal he gave up was on a Habs power play and the defense let him down.

The goal scoring tonight came from everyone: Gordon, Fehr, Ovechkin, Laich, and Bradley. Five different goal scorers, and with the exception of Ovie all the scoring game from the 3rd and 4th lines. The Caps are a high powered offense and putting up four goals in the second period shut up Bell Centre fast. The first period had Bell Centre loud. Really loud. But after three goals and Halak getting the hook, the noisy arena turned into a library. And it was great!

I know Gabby was saying Theo could start in goal on Wednesday but it's going to be hard to pull Varly after how good he was tonight. It was a great moved and Bruce looks like a genius because of it. I don't think anyone will question him if he gives Theo the nod for game 4 but I don;t see a reason to go with Theo when Varly has played well against the Canadiens this years.

I like the Caps chances to make this a 5 game series. If they can put together a game like tonight on Wednesday, I think that will completely demoralize the Canadiens. My point of concern is the Caps have yet to score on the power play and Green and Semin haven't contributed like they need to for this team to make the finals. If Green and Semin can get rolling and the Caps figure out hwo to beat the Habs power play, this series is in the bag and the Caps can have a day or so of extra rest before round 2. I don't doubt the Caps winning this series, I would just like to see them figure some things out before they get deeper into the playoffs. But tonights game was very hopeful and a step in the right direction.

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