Thursday, September 4, 2014

Food Review: The Waffle-nut!!

As I was waiting for Walmart to finish putting new tires on my car, I meandered over to Safeway. I didn't intend on purchasing anything, just killing time. I figured I could kill a little bit of time seeing if they had any interesting seasonal brews.

And that's when it hit me.

A sign. A beautiful sign. An intriguing sign. A sign I had never before seen. This sign.

A Waffle-nut! Part waffle, part donut. All tasty.

My instagram caption captured it perfectly; "This Changes Everything." What genius over in the Safeway bakery came up with this glorious evolution of food! A waffle/donut combination only makes sense, and now that I've seen it, neither a waffle or a donut on their own will ever be enough.

But then I had one for breakfast....

Maybe because I had let it sit overnight. Maybe it's because I got the cinnamon sugar waffle-nut and not that chocolate or maple glazed, but something about the waffle-nut did not work for me. It was dry; a waffle without butter or syrup. It didn't have that cake-like quality of a good donut. It was... disappointing.

To top it all off, I know that this waffle-nut will not go very far in keeping me full and I'll be ready for a second breakfast about an hour after I've finished the waffle-nut.

I feel ripped off...